The Company

Our Business Area

Cambareri S.p.A. mainly works in the industry of building and mantaining oil and gas pipelines.

This business area is expanding considerably as the number of consumers is rising and civil methanisation is increasing, particularly in Southern Italy.

Strategic Drivers

In order to be even more competitive and effective, Cambareri S.p.A. focuses on some strategic drivers, such as: Products and services quality;

  • Products and services quality;
  • Constant improvement of manufacturing process, which allows the growth of efficency and cost reduction;
  • Punctuality and respect of the deadlines;
  • Respect of customer’s requests.

Quality System

Cambareri S.p.A. established precise strings of operations for the processes and the activities that properly work in order to guarantee the best service for the customer.

These processes are part of a well organized Quality System, which is intended to help the company reach its goals with effectiveness and professionalism.

Thanks to the Quality System, the company management promises to

  • work according to the UNI EN ISO 9001/2015 standards;
  • respect requirements as agreed with costumers in the contract;
  • carefully check every activity;
  • guarantee to upgrade the System Quality in order to adapt it to the technical improvements of the company, to the legal and normative changes of the industry;
  • guarantee the complete awareness of the Company Policy and the Quality System by the employees.

At the service of the customer

In order to increase and mantain an exellent quality level in its services, Cambareri S.p.A. supervises every business goal by asking its customers to fill a specific assessment questionnaire. This way, the company can properly measure the Customer Satisfaction and stay focused on their task.

The aims of the firm are painstakingly redefined every year during the periodic management’s revision.

Highly qualified staff

The staff is constantly kept abreast of its business innovations by attending specific training courses and updates. This allows Cambareri S.p.A. to guarantee a productive collaboration with great professionals of the industry.